It takes about two weeks for ALS to process applications for unemployment benefits. This means that it will take a few weeks before your first payment arrives in your account.

Submitting a correctly filled-in application form with all the required documentation significantly speeds up the processing time.

When do I receive my payment?

Unemployment benefits are usually paid out every other Tuesday after the ALS week. The payment will be deposited to your bank account.

The ALS calendar outlines all the ALS weeks (ALS-vika) and payment dates of the year.

How much and for how long?

Your unemployment benefits are calculated based on your A-income (income taxed at source) over the past 12 months prior to becoming unemployed. This period is referred to as the base year for calculation, and the calculated rate is known as the base rate. You may be paid up to 80% of your A-income – with a maximum daily amount of DKK 877.44, equivalent to an average monthly payout of DKK 18,500. The base rate remains unchanged during your time in the ALS system.

If you rejoin ALS after having unregistered from the system, your benefits may be affected since the base rate is always based on your earnings in the 12 months prior to qualifying for unemployment benefits. If less than one year has passed since you unregistered, your most recent benefit rate is applied, provided it is higher than the new one.

Unemployment benefits can be paid out for a maximum of 648 days in a 4-year period. At this point, payments stop and you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits for the following 24 months. You may rejoin the system after this 24-month period, at which point the same conditions apply as for first-time applicants.

A minimum waiting period of 2 days (days with no payment) applies to all applicants. This period may be longer, depending on income.

Although you qualify as unemployed immediately upon notifying ALS of your employment status, you may not receive a payment for the first 8 weeks due to suspension of benefits.