Appeals Committee

Decisions made under the act on unemployment benefits – e.g. decisions regarding unemployment benefits, courses and suspended claims – can be appealed to the ALS appeals committee.

The deadline for appeals is four weeks from the date when you received the decision from ALS. Appeals must be submitted in writing.

The appeals committee’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed to higher administrative authorities.

The ALS appeals committee is administered by the Faroese Complaints Commission (Føroya Kærustovnur).

Kærunevndin fyri Arbeiðsloysisskipanina
c/o Føroya Kærustovnur
P.O. box 45
110 Tórshavn


Phone: +298 320585.

The appeals committee’s phone hours are Mondays-Fridays 9am-3pm.

Appeals committee members:
Kristina Samuelsen, chairwoman
Hans Joensen
Jon Hestoy