How to register with ALS

You are advised to contact ALS immediately if you become unemployed.

It is important to familiarise yourself with your rights and the conditions regarding unemployment benefits.

ALS’s duties extend beyond simply providing financial aid; it is also our duty to help you return to the labour market as soon as possible.

In addition to matching workers with available jobs, ALS aims to improve the conditions for finding work through guidance, courses and other initiatives.

Notify ALS as soon as possible

Since you are not considered unemployed until you have notified ALS of your unemployment status, delayed notification may result in reduced benefits.

You can notify ALS here, in the self-service section, by email at or through regular mail (ALS, Tinghúsvegur 14, 100 Tórshavn). You are, of course, also welcome to submit your notification in person at our office.

You will be registered as unemployed on the date when ALS receives your written notification, provided that you meet the criteria for unemployment benefits. ALS may recommend a job for you immediately after you have registered as available to the labour market. This may occur before you have received your first benefits payment.

Any affiliation with an employer must have expired before you can be regarded as unemployed.

How to apply

To apply for unemployment benefits, please fill in the application form, available here or at the ALS office.

You are required to answer a set of questions and include details about work experience, education and the types of jobs you are interested in. You must also attach a copy of your resignation letter or your employer’s termination letter, i.e. documents proving that you are no longer affiliated with any employer.

ALS receives your income details from tax authority Taks.

The information provided in the application form is used to determine your eligibility for unemployment benefits.

The application form and any required attachments must be complete. You will be notified if some details and documentation are missing. ALS has a 14-day deadline for submitting missing information and/or documentation. If the missing information is not received by this deadline, the application is cancelled.

If you need help filling in the application form, feel free to contact ALS. We’re happy to help.

Confirm unemployment

All recipients of unemployment benefits are required to confirm their unemployment every 14 days. Upon registration with ALS, you receive a letter including a username and a password, which are required for confirming your unemployment.

By confirming unemployment, you confirm your labour market status for the previous 14-day period, including details on possible income during this period. This information is used to determine your benefits amount for the 14-day payment period.

The period for which you confirm your status is known as the ALS week (ALS-vikan). The ALS calendar outlines all the ALS weeks and payment dates of the year. The ALS week starts Monday at 00.00 and ends Friday at 12.00.

Report changes

You are obliged to inform ALS of any changes that may affect your unemployment situation, for instance if:

  • you are no longer unemployed.
  • you get a job – regardless of income and hours worked.
  • you start independent business activities.
  • you take a vacation, are admitted to hospital, etc.
  • you move out of the Faroe Islands.
  • you attend a course.
  • you engage in any form of education during regular work hours.
  • your capacity for work is reduced or lost.
  • you become eligible for legally guaranteed benefits such as parental leave benefits or invalidity pension.
  • you are unable to attend scheduled appointments with your employer or ALS.
  • you change your phone number or email address.

Report your changes by email at

Inform your local council if you change your residential address.

Re-registering with ALS

Anyone wishing to register with ALS is required to submit an application form. This also applies to those who have received unemployment benefits in the past and wish to re-register.

It is, however, not always necessary to fill in an entire application form when re-registering. Previously submitted details about e.g. your work experience, education, courses, etc. are not required upon re-registration as this information is already stored in the ALS system.

You are only required to include details of any changes that have occurred since you submitted your last application form.

If you have any doubts about what information to resubmit, feel free to contact us at ALS. We’re happy to help.