About ALS

Mission statement

ALS has the following three main objectives:

  • To provide financial support to unemployed people
  • To help improve unemployed people’s chances of finding work
  • To administer employment services on behalf of the Faroese labour market

The ALS mission statement is outlined in section 1 of the act of the Faroese Løgting from 13 June 1997 on unemployment benefits and unemployment services (§ 1 í løgtingslóg um arbeiðsloysistrygging og arbeiðsávísing frá 13. juni 1997).


Executive committee
Eyðfinnur Jacobsen, committee chairman
Anita Fuglø
Georg Hansen
Magnus Pauli Glerfoss
Niels Winther
Óluva í Gong
Stefan í Skorini

Magni á Deild Olsen

Heads of department
Finance and Insurance: Páll Oddur Rubeksen
Employment Services: Høgni í Stórustovu
Services and Resources: Birita Hansen

How to find us